Thermoshield is an acrylic emulsion with ceramic microspheres that serves as an energy saving, weather-proof barrier for a diverse range of surfaces including, but not limited to, metal tanks, cement walls, roofing, decks, stucco homes, exterior aluminum coatings , vinyl, concrete and eaves. 
Why choose Thermoshield products instead of other paints or coatings?
Here's a list of the benefits Thermoshield offers to its clients:

Lower Energy


The coatings adhere to a diverse range of substrates including metals, tile, plastic, stone, brick and wood.

creates a single,
seamless membrane

When applied correctly, Thermoshield creates a single, seamless membrane that can cover over cracks and gaps in the surface. This eliminates virtually all air infiltration.


Thermoshield’s exterior coatings provide “variable permeability.” This means that the coating becomes watertight when it is saturated, but it allows the pores to open when dry so that water can evaporate easily off the surface.


In addition to being water resistant, the coatings are also fire resistant. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has certified Thermoshield Roof Coating as Class A FIre Resistant.


Roof Coating will withstand ponding or standing water.

mold and mildew

The products are mold and mildew resistant.

saves labor

Thermoshield saves labor costs because it is easy to apply.

does not fade

Because it is fully synthetic, Thermoshield does not fade or weather like most paints and coatings.


Thermoshield products are water-based, so equipment used during application can be cleaned easily with soap and warm water.

coating does
not yellow

The coating does not yellow, even in areas affected by carbon pollution and smog.


When finished, the membrane is extremely lightweight.

easy to wash

The coatings are easy to wash, so maintenance costs will be very low.

stands up to all
types of weather

The flexible coating stands up to all types of weather, including snow, wind, and hail.


Thermoshield products are non-toxic and water-based, so they are environmentally-friendly.

work down to
- 45 degrees C

Flexibility and weather-resistant properties work down to -45 degrees C and up 204 degrees C.

longer than
traditional paints
and coatings

Thermoshield lasts longer than traditional paints and coatings.

variety of
custom-mixed tints

Products are available in non-fading white or in a variety of custom-mixed tints.

and elastic

stand up to normal
foot traffic

The coating will stand up to normal foot traffic without compromising its effectiveness or lifespan.

can be applied with
standard painting

Coatings can be applied with standard painting equipment such as airless sprayers, rollers and brushes.


Thermoshield has soundproofing properties because it reflects sounds back at their source instead of allowing them to pass through the coated surface.

helps to reduce the
greenhouse effect
for the ozone layer

The white elastomeric membrane absorbs much less heat and limits the formation of heat islands and then helps to limit the greenhouse effect.

Create a
thermal barrier


Breathable, Thermoshield lets moisture escape when dry.

Wind and salt
abrasion resistant