The timeline

Since some of the space technology was developed in the Colorado Springs area, where General Industries was based, the company was able to consult space shuttle experts during the research and testing phases of Thermoshield’s development.


Thermoshield has already stood the test of time. Its first product, Thermoshield Roof Coating, has been on the market since 1984. Today, the early applications of Roof Coating are still able to protect the roofing that they were applied to more than three decades ago.


In 1986, the next products in the Thermoshield line, Exterior and Interior Coatings, came onto the market.


In 1992, Stucco Shield was added to the Thermoshield menu. For 25 years, this textured product has provided the same water resistant and fire resistant insulation as the other Thermoshield products.


In 1997, Thermoshield added Tank Shield, a flexible, energy saving coating specifically designed to lower the external surface temperature of storage tanks and pipelines.


Also in 1997, Thermoshield unveiled Wood & Deck Coat, a resin-based wood sealer that penetrates and locks wood fibers together to provide excellent water resistance. Wood & Deck Coat also gives decks an attractive, natural-looking finish.


In 2017, Thermoshield is now available in Canada through the initiative of local business people.

A reputation for safety and quality

All Thermoshield products are non-toxic and safe for the environment and for residential uses. For the past 35 years, Thermoshield paints and coatings have been outperforming and outlasting the competition, while providing energy savings to customers around the globe.